Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dating After Cancer - Highly Evolved Human - The Date

The topic of how to get back into the dating scene apres cancer is one that I find hard to deal with. I recently connected with someone on a dating website, we talked on the phone off and on for about a week, set a date and then when I re-checked his profile I discovered that he had added a P.S. that read, "If you have a crazy ex or have mental or  serious health issues, then I am not the one." WTF??? I had never discussed anything about my past relationships, let alone told him about my cancer challenge. So, if things weren't awkward BEFORE our first date with me worrying about when it would be the "proper time" to discuss the topic, like Nick Ross and millions of other cancer survivors, things got REAL fast!

He called me the day before our date and I said that there wouldn't be a date, and mentioned how I noticed the new "clause" that he had added to his profile...told him I was a cancer survivor and he said, "Oh, that's okay," to which I replied, "I'm afraid it's not. If you truly feel so strongly about this, then I totally understand and I don't hold anything against you. It was great getting to know you and I wish you the best in finding your Ms. Right."

Was I hurt? Did those old feelings of not being able to find someone who would love me unconditionally resurface? YUP! For a whole week, I truly felt "normal" and "wanted" again. But, the icing on the cake of my day? He blurted out, "Ya know what? I think they have dating websites for people who have serious health issues." 

I guess I'll just wait patiently for my Prince to come...someone who will be blown away by my strength and courage and inner beauty. Someone who is willing to take a "risk," after all, no one knows when it's their time to go. One major thing I learned on my journey is that life is so precious and each and every day is a blessing. 
I know that Mr. Right is out there. 
Just not on one of those dating sites...

If any of my followers would like to voice their opinions or share personal stories of dating after cancer, please leave a comment - I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

P.S.- Thank you so much, Nick Ross for sharing your dating experiences with those of us who are in the same boat! ☺

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