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What is a Caregiver?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is a Caregiver?

Meet Rob Harris...

In the past, I've discussed the importance of having great caregivers in your life. I've featured several caregivers, but Rob Harris literally wrote the book on care giving. His book, We're In This Together, A Caregiver's Story is a must-have for anyone who has accepted this role. 

Rob's wife Cindy has been battling cancer since 1990 and Rob has been by her side throughout it all. You can read about his experiences on his blog:

In Rob's own words:
My Caregiver Support
robcares is an army of one…ME! I personally read every email received and respond to as many as humanly possible. I understand that full-time, at-home caregivers, and even those that do so on a part-time basis, are in need of critical caregiver assistance. I correspond every evening and early morning with subscribers on a one-to-one basis on our website, our Facebook fan page, and Twitter. My goal is to ensure that every caregiver that is in need of caregiver help knows they can call on me and receive a response…and have a friend they can turn to when in need of emotional support.
No family caregiver should go through the caregiver journey alone, as I did. My mission is to be the person those at-home caregivers can go to when in need. I will do everything possible to help in-home caregivers feel they are in control of their environment — mentally, physically, and especially emotionally. I never want another human being to feel as I felt: a husband, and a dad, who did not know where to turn to receive caregiver help.

So, if you are a caregiver or know of someone who is, please pass on this important book and blog to can help when they need it the most. 

Rob, thanks for all that you do for Cindy and so many others. You are the epitome of what a REAL caregiver is! And, Cindy, our thoughts and prayers are with you....sending you both lots of love and light...XOXOXO!

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