Sunday, May 10, 2015

Open Your Heart....

What thoughts take up space in your mind? Going through what is probably the most challenging thing in your life right now may give you a form of amnesia. Being tied to doctor's visits, procedures, tests, and other medical treatments can leave you feeling as if you are a pin cushion, a lab rat. You'll find yourself wondering how THIS is what your life has become. Will it last forever? Going through a cancer journey is not for sissies.

There will be days when you won't be able to see the proverbial "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel," but I have something to say that I want you to sit with and take in. When caught up in your treatment and one of "those days" sneak up on you, making you feel as if you cannot take anymore, literally say, "STOP!" (preferably in your own house or car and not in the middle of the mall or office) Do some deep cleansing breaths, close your eyes and try to re-group. 

When a diagnosis knocks you on your ass, it's time to LET GO, Lovie! I'm not saying that you let everyone else take over your life. You know how I'm a stickler for being your own best health advocate - YOU are the boss of your body! 

Learning to release what you cannot control will give you strength that you never knew you had before. Sounds crazy, I know. Before your diagnosis, your "job" as Parent-Boss-Caretaker-Employee (or, fill in the blank _______) allowed you to believe you were in control of what went on in your daily life. Suddenly "The BIG C" steps in and your old "normal" life is gone.

Now is the time to release and let go of your old belief system and ALLOW life to unfold on a day-to-day basis...
Give yourself permission to let others step in to help you.
That was one of the biggest hurdles I had to face in my own personal journey. When you are a "Giver" all of your life, it's hard to be on the "RECEIVING" end of the spectrum. Your friends and family will offer to pitch in to help you. Take my advice, LET THEM! Not only will it help you, it will help them as well. Being of service to others is so healing.

Every challenge we go through in life makes us stronger and teaches us new lessons. In order to experience growth, 
start out by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. 
Relinquish control. 
Learn to take care of YOU!
Allow life to unfold every day and take time to pamper yourself.
Journal, paint, meditate, pray, take walks....
whatever makes your heart sing!
A-L-L-O-W, Dearheart!

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