Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wake With a Grateful ♥!

 I've talked about the act of being grateful many times on this blog. How it can transform our hurt and pain into knowing that, although we may go through "the wars" at times, being thankful for what we DO have in our lives changes the incessant "monkey brain" in our thoughts. It causes a shift in our perception of things.

Yes, you may be in the midst of treatment, newly diagnosed, financially drained --- but, start to channel your worries into journaling. Painting. Meditate. Go for a walk. Anything to take your mind off of your troubles, if even for 15 minutes. Start a gratitude journal and every morning or night, jot down at least 5 things you're grateful for. I like to do this at night when I am snuggled up in bed...it's a great way to unwind, reflect on the day and may even allow for a more peaceful sleep.

Over the past few years, I've been asked what it's like to go through cancer. "How can you bounce back from a diagnosis?" or "How can you live knowing that you have a terminal illness?" Truth is, when you think about life, PERIOD, it is just like a freakin' roller coaster - you have your ups and downs and you can either strap on your seat belt and hang on tight, or wither up and let go. So, having cancer is not any different than everyday life. Change your thinking and you change your life.

My wish for you in the New Year is that you'll find more love, more peace and learn to take care of YOU!

As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, 
be thankful for another day!

 Here's an affirmation / treatment that is taped to my computer monitor and I say it every day. It was written for me by my 
Reiki Master and friend, Leesa:

Tell your body, mind, emotions and spirit to re-member wholeness, re-member the love that you are and the joy that you share with others--that you continue to share with all of us. Align with and stay focused on the light of love, joy, inner-peace, vibrant health, vitality, abundant to overflowing shimmering radiant light surrounding you, clearing you, healing you, expanding in, around and through you--YOU ARE THE LIGHT! Fill to overflowing with this knowingness for nothing else is true, nothing else exists. BREATHE it in and SO IT IS.

Have a peaceful day, Lovies!

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