Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Rose is a character! 
She's super smart. Funny. 
Appreciates the simple things in life.

     My neighborhood goes all out for Halloween each year and we have hundreds of kids, their parents and dogs in costumes. Like a scene out of the "olden days." (Definitely not like when I lived in South Florida where we never got any trick-or-treaters.)
     I learned early on that Rose does NOT like to get dressed up for Halloween. She literally freezes whenever I put a costume on her. Funny thing is, once I take it off of her, she loves to see other costumed dogs, it's just not her "thing!" (I swear, she thinks she's human. Same thing with car rides...she won't hang out the window like a normal dog. Rose prefers to sit in the front seat facing forward.) Despite these little quirks, I always feel the need, as her human, to buy her a damn costume anyway, even if only to take a picture or two! So, here are some from Halloween's past -- you'll have to wait to see what she wears tomorrow...

Her 1st Halloween, 2010. No costume.

2011, Buzz-Buzz!

2012, The Frozen Chicken!


2013, In her Babushka!

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