Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not as I Pictured ...

There have been many synchronistic-divine-interventions along my journey and I'd like to share a story with you now.  I rarely watch the news on T.V. (except for CBS Sunday Morning, which I refer to as "The Happy News" because they only spend a few minutes in the beginning of the program on world news and the rest of the stories are up-beat)  ANYWAY, I digressed .... one morning about a year ago, I turned on the local news, and there was a gentleman being interviewed.  I normally wouldn't have listened in, but I heard him mention that he had Lymphoma so it piqued my interest.  His name is John Kaplan, and although I came in on the tail-end of his interview, I was taken in by his positivity and zest for life!  You see, John is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer, who, when he was initially diagnosed, decided to do what he knew best ... he documented everything in pictures and bravely bared his soul to help others.  He, in turn, turned his journey into an documentary entitled, Not as I Pictured, which has aired on PBS. There he was on television, talking about how he now wanted to give back to others by providing cancer patients, care-givers and survivors a FREE copy of his DVD. He gave his website info and I immediately checked it out and called him.  He was just stepping into the elevator at the T.V. station to head back to Gainesville, but he was awesome and chatted with me and gave me hope.  He sent me the DVD and I am so honored to share with you a link to his website so that you can see for yourself what a wonderful man he is! He lectures and shares his work for the benefit of others.  My HERO!!!  Thank you so much, John for all that you do to help others! THAT, my friends, is what this life is all about ...


  1. This movie clip moved me. I have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and I haven't - thankfully - gone through anything like the treatments, pain, nausea and fearfulness that John and many others have. I feel so grateful so I will continue to support and raise monies for leukaemia and lymphoma research. Thank you for posting your blog so that others can share and not feel alone. Some of us don't talk about our condition and bottle things up - saying "I'm fine" whilst secretly feeling scared and unsure about the future. Thank you for your voice Jodi. Philip

  2. Philip, I am glad that you enjoyed John's video. I never had chemo but, like you, I have made it my mission to help others. If you ever want to "talk" in private, please don't hesitate to email me at It helps to stay in touch with people who are going through similar "challenges." I wish you lots of health and strength in the New Year!

    Take Care~