Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love Your Body...

This whole cancer thing threw me for a loop.  Not only was I dealing with the "normal" day-to-day illness, feelings, worries that accompany it, I saw the toll the cancer meds had taken on my body.  I used to think I was kinda cute-ish!  Suddenly, I didn't recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror.  My body betrayed me.  I experienced a true identity crisis.  Add my divorce after 24 years of marriage to the mix and I was really at a low point.  My broken heart matched my exterior.  I avoided cameras and used to get mad at Kathleen for insisting on taking my pictures during holidays.  They only confirmed how I felt inside.

Then, as I started to wean off of one of my treatment meds, I slowly began to see glimpses of the "old me."  A few months ago, I went to lunch with my photographer friend, Jackie.  Halfway through the meal, she excused herself and returned to the table with her camera and lenses.  She saw a "light" in me that I could not see.  She snapped photo after photo and I loosened up and allowed myself to pose .. to be funny ... to try to re-discover myself.  Jackie gave me such a wonderful gift and I am forever grateful for her love and friendhsip.  My profile picture on this blog was done on that day and she is going to take my picture again for the "Author" page on my book.  Thank you so much, Jackie for helping me to love and embrace myself again!  (And, thanks to Kathleen for documenting the yucky pictures that I can now add to my book!)
Please go to Jackie's website to see her works of art ... http:/
She is one amazing woman!


  1. Jodi, I'm humbled by your kindness & want you to know it is an honor to photograph you & a privilege to be your friend! You are a true inspiration and beautiful spirit.

  2. Awww! I love you, Miss Jackie!