Saturday, December 8, 2012

Don't Give Up -

There are some of you out there who are struggling on a day-to-day basis with this thing called cancer.  It is not an easy road at times but I promise you this - just like any challenge in life, there WILL be brighter days.  It is hard to see a future when you are facing the biggest struggle of your life, but I want you to know, it WILL get better.  Just hang in there and know that you have someone here - me, your fellow readers, care-givers, supporters - we are united in the hopes and prayers for a better life for you. 
I am asking that anyone who is reading this right now, to please say a prayer for those who need to be swaddled in love today.  May they gain the strength and courage that they'll need to carry on in their journey and gain hope for the life that they are destined to live. 
Peace and love and light to you all~

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