Friday, November 9, 2012

No One -

One of my favorite quotes is, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

After I decided to stop teaching, I went on a massive job hunt.  Teaching was basically all I knew.  I had some office skills.  I am a real "people person" so I looked for jobs that were different but within my "likes."  One day I saw an ad in the classifieds for a Veterinary clinic receptionist so I emailed them.  I love animals and knew I'd be a perfect match.  I received a quick response from the Vet, asking if I could come in for an interview the next day.  At the end of her signature on the email, was MY quote so I took that as a good sign and agreed to meet her at the specified time.

The following day, I got dressed in my finest business attire and drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic, worried that I wouldn't make it in time.  Let me stop here to tell you more details - it was in the middle of a south Florida summer.  Ninety-nine degrees.  My car was a 1986 Lincoln Town Car.  Crushed velvet seats.  No A / C.  And, the only power window that went down was on the driver's side and it only went down half way.  I ended up arriving for my interview 15 minutes ahead of schedule and not wanting to look like a complete doofus, I waited in my car.

I leafed through my resume.  Tried to collect my thoughts.  Then beads of sweat began to fall from my face.  I grabbed the old purse that I hadn't used in years to find a tissue to blot my sweat.  OMG!  Old nail files. Old chewing gum.  Three tubes of lipstick, but not one freakin' tissue in sight!  I was frantic - there was no way I could go in there looking like a dripping mess.  I reached my hand back into my purse and, VOILA!  I found one lone, still-wrapped-in-plastic maxi pad!  Suddenly I became the female McGuyver and blotted all of my "mistiness" away.  In a flash, I was looking fresh and clean.

The Vet was over thirty minutes late due to an emergency and she was not what I had expected.  She was as short as me.  Russian accent.  And did not have a good bedside manner, for humans let alone pets.  It was apparent that she didn't have respect for her staff and when she offered me eight dollars an hour, I about fell off my chair.  When I told her that salary was not what I was searching for, she berated me by asking what I expected since I was inexperienced. I thanked her for her time and left. I walked back to my clunker, blotted my brow with my pad and chalked it all up to a bad experience. Eleanor was right.

So, don't EVER allow someone to mistreat you.  Don't feel as if you are "trapped" in a job or situation where others are not on the same page as you.  YOU are the most important person and need to be treated as such!  Walk away and step into a better life ...

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