Friday, November 2, 2012

My Prayer For You ...

The power of prayer is amazing!  When I got sick, I had alot of people praying for me. Knowing that there were so many others out there in the universe, whether I personally knew them or not, who were focused on my health, and well-being, touched me deeply.  It gave ME strength to continue.  Taught me how to be humble and lose the pride.  It allowed me be on the receiving end for once. 
I spoke with a dear friend, Ron the other day to play "catch up."  He and his wife, Sandra are the most wonderful couple and, even better, friends to me.  The last time we talked was before I moved.  He was  happy to hear from me and reminded me that Sandra has "pwerful prayers."  Ron and Sandra own and operate a very successful promotional / marketing business.  They are the type of people who, when you first meet them, you know that you're already "family."  I discussed my up-and-coming-book and he gave me some valuable tips which I will definately use.
My friends were there when I needed them the most and they loved and supported me and lifted me up in prayer. And that is what I will do for you ... keep you white lighted and in my thoughts and prayers.

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