Sunday, November 25, 2012

Calling All Angels -

Do you believe in angels? I do. I've had many experiences over my lifetime that have convinced me that I have been guided by angels in my times of need. You will read of a few of these incidents in my book.

In January of 2002, when my brother Bobby was in the final days before his death, I frantically worked to organize his memorial service. Anyone who has been through this knows how hard it can be. Not only are you dealing with the inevitable loss, the heart-wrenching emotions, you must get through it. When the movie, Pay It Forward came out, he had mentioned to me how much he loved the song, Calling All Angels that was played at the end of the movie. So, remembering this, I contacted, Jane Siberry who sang this beautiful piece and let her know that I was planning on using her song for his memorial service. She ended up being one of Bobby's and my special angels. We played the song at the funeral and everyone felt the love and reverance behind the words. I will never forget Jane's kindness and I am sharing her video here for you to listen to:

Then, when I was still waiting to see what my final diagnosis was in 2009, I reached another low point.  I was in limbo.  I was going through a divorce.  I was at an all-time low health-wise.  Add a chronic case of insomnia and I was literally a walking zombie.  One morning at 3:00 A.M. (when I do my best thinking!), I began to cry.  Prior to this, I had been stoic and on a mission to survive.  Finally, it all came to a head and I let loose with these heart-wrenching sobs, my whole body shook with their enormity.  I let it all out and cried for what seemed like at least a half hour until I could cry no more.  Exhausted, I laid my head back down on my tear drenched pillow and closed my eyes.  I fell into a deep sleep.  Then, I heard this soft, soothing whisper of a woman's voice in my ear ... "Joooodi...." I opened my eyes and thought I must've been dreaming.  I closed my eyes and within a matter of seconds, I heard the voice calling  my name again -  this time, I knew it was not a dream.  The energy in the room changed from one of darkness to one of beautiful light.  A peaceful calm took over and I knew that, no matter what, I was being watched over by my guardian angel. Whenever I feel "scattered in thought," I remember that morning when I was touched by an angel and it soothes my heart and soul.

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