Friday, November 30, 2012

Blessings ...

Love this quote by good ol' Willie!  I totally know this to be true.  When I focus on what I DO have in my life, I am on a "spiritual roll!"  Things start to come together.  Opportunities arise.  People come into my life that are important to me as a friend or "life path associate."  I learned to not control the process - letting go and allowing life to unfold before me in all it's glory is what its all about!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have discussed the importance of purposeful breathing before.  Whenever you feel as if you are in a place of frustration, anger, worry, STOP!  Take a few moments to either go for a walk or sit in a quiet place for a while to re-group.  Take some deep cleansing breaths and ezhale the tension away.  I do this at night when I am troubled by a bad case of "monkey brain" - I focus on my breathing and when I feel calm return to me, I recall happier times and it helps me to remember that I AM okay.  I can control my thoughts and feelings. 
Give it a try and B-R-E-A-T-H-E, Grasshoppas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wouldn't It Be Lover-ly?

I have an experiment for you to try today.  As you go about your day, think L-O-V-E!!!  Say kind words to your loved ones and eople you meet during your day.  Share compliments.  Look for others who appear to be down-in-the-dumps and offer them a hug or a kind word.  See what happens!  Betcha YOU will reap the rewards of being a little messenger of love!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good For Your Soul -

I can laugh at anything!  Sometimes I get carried away, but at least I know how to have fun.

One thing I learned after my diagnosis, was the importance of rest.  I am on Prednisone and it does not make for good sleep.  At first, I was a virtual Prednisone zombie due to the high doses I was on.  After dealing with this for at least the first four months, I decided to give myself "permission" to rest, even if it meant in the middle of the day.  It was hard for me to unwind but I began with baby steps of telling myself I would only lay down to read a book or magazine.  My big old hound dog, Dudley, would join me on the bed and eventually I trained myself to take a nap every day at 1 P.M..  There were some times when I would forget and Dudley was always there to remind me!  Even though it was never a whole night's worth of sleep, it ended up being the restorative rest that I needed.  When I am feeling run down, I still take a power nap as my night time sleeping habits are still really bad due to my insomnia.  So, if you need a boost, allow yourself to take a nappie poo - you deserve it!  And, keep on laughing!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Calling All Angels -

Do you believe in angels? I do. I've had many experiences over my lifetime that have convinced me that I have been guided by angels in my times of need. You will read of a few of these incidents in my book.

In January of 2002, when my brother Bobby was in the final days before his death, I frantically worked to organize his memorial service. Anyone who has been through this knows how hard it can be. Not only are you dealing with the inevitable loss, the heart-wrenching emotions, you must get through it. When the movie, Pay It Forward came out, he had mentioned to me how much he loved the song, Calling All Angels that was played at the end of the movie. So, remembering this, I contacted, Jane Siberry who sang this beautiful piece and let her know that I was planning on using her song for his memorial service. She ended up being one of Bobby's and my special angels. We played the song at the funeral and everyone felt the love and reverance behind the words. I will never forget Jane's kindness and I am sharing her video here for you to listen to:

Then, when I was still waiting to see what my final diagnosis was in 2009, I reached another low point.  I was in limbo.  I was going through a divorce.  I was at an all-time low health-wise.  Add a chronic case of insomnia and I was literally a walking zombie.  One morning at 3:00 A.M. (when I do my best thinking!), I began to cry.  Prior to this, I had been stoic and on a mission to survive.  Finally, it all came to a head and I let loose with these heart-wrenching sobs, my whole body shook with their enormity.  I let it all out and cried for what seemed like at least a half hour until I could cry no more.  Exhausted, I laid my head back down on my tear drenched pillow and closed my eyes.  I fell into a deep sleep.  Then, I heard this soft, soothing whisper of a woman's voice in my ear ... "Joooodi...." I opened my eyes and thought I must've been dreaming.  I closed my eyes and within a matter of seconds, I heard the voice calling  my name again -  this time, I knew it was not a dream.  The energy in the room changed from one of darkness to one of beautiful light.  A peaceful calm took over and I knew that, no matter what, I was being watched over by my guardian angel. Whenever I feel "scattered in thought," I remember that morning when I was touched by an angel and it soothes my heart and soul.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Wisdom of Pooh ...

I love Winnie-The-Pooh!  I may be fifty years old, but I still love that silly, old bear!  When I saw this quote, it resonated with me and I hope you will take in the message, too.
Oh, bother!  Have a great day!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank you!

I'd like to take some time today to thank all of my Angels who have kept me going.  To my doctors and all of the support staff at the hospitals and medical facilities that I have been treated at. To my friends who remain on Team Jodi.  To my spiritual family at CSL.  To anyone who has ever said a prayer for me that did so unselfishly, maybe without even knowing me personally.  To strangers who may have smiled or shared a few kind words on days that I needed them the most.  Now is MY time to give back - through this blog and through my book, I hope  to inspire others on their journeys.  That is what this life is about.  A sharing of love and peace and light. Thank you for being there for me. I love and cherish you all!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a happy day.  Take time to count your blessings - I am counting mine!
If you have a moment, please let us know what you are thankful for by posting a comment (or two!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someday ...

This message is a good piggy-back to yesterday's post.  I have said it before.  Let go of anger.  The past.  Forgive and move on.  (For more tips on forgiveness, please see the archived post I wrote on 11.3.12.)  Harboring past hurts hurts no one but yourself.  You become a prisoner to the past and, I can almost guarantee that the perpetrator has gone on with his or her life unscathed.


YOU are the most important beloved being on the planet!  The old adage of, "You are only hurting yourself" is true. Choose to be happy.

Your emotional and physical health is most important right now and you cannot heal if you are holding onto unhealthy emotions.  Release them and let them go.

You deserve nothing but the best in your life and that is my wish for you, too!  The love is there ...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Never Know ...

Never underestimate the power of your soul.  Your free will.  Your strength.  Something I've discovered over the past few years, is this ... learn to listen to what I like to call, your internal G.P.S. system. And, don't pose the question. "Why me?" 
I fell into that trap at one point after my diagnosis. I was able to let go and understand that this thing, this life, is not ours to control.  Sometimes you may say, "But, God, why am I going through this?  I cannot take it anymore!"  It is during these bleakest of times, that I haveforced myself to allow life to simply unfold.  We are not being "tested" as some may think.  Its just a simple fact of life. There will be peaks and valleys and we all must go through them.  It is how we decide to react to these challenges. You'll gain knowledge and strength that you never knew you ever had before.  Your life is not yours to "control."

I promise that, if you shift your thinking and grasp this concept, you'll be rewarded with many wonderful opportunities and gifts along the way.  You will discover your real purpose in life if you listen.  Then, you'll be able to look back and see just how far you've come.  The pain and suffering will be distant memories.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Who Are You?



HAPPY MONDAY! I wanted to start your Monday off with one of my favorite old school songs that carries a great message ... if you want, click on the video and then continue to read as you listen!


I am a star gazer.  I love to stand in the middle of my yard and stare up into the evening sky.  Whenever there is mention of an up-an-coming meteor shower, count me in!  I'm there front and center.  Looking at the stars puts things into perspective for me.  Although I am just a tiny little star sitting in my backyard, I feel the connection to the universe and I realize that I am shining as brightly as the stars in the sky. So, SHINE ON, my little stars now that you have danced and sang and are prepared to start another day ... make it a good one and know you are a beloved child of the World!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Happy Sunday!  This note says it all ... its a good reminder for how to spend your Sunday.  Do something that helps you relax. 

My Sundays are a great time for me to chill out.  I attend weekly service.  I try not to go on the computer or write for the whole day.  I go to Kathleen's for family dinner and bring Rose so she can play with her "doggie - cousin," Gus.  Now that the weather is cooler, we spend more time on the porch taking in the sights and sounds of the countryside.  It is the perfect way to end the week and prepare for a new one.  So, realize that you are enough, have enough and do enough and allow yourself to unwind!  Enjoy a day of leisure ...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Wish -

I am not going to lie.  There will be many dark days along your journey.  Pain.  Tears.  Frustration.  Dispair.

One thing you must remember, is the light that eminates from your soul.  Even in darkness, there is light.  When you are having a day where you feel as if you are ready to give in or give up your fight, please stop those thoughts.  Take time to deal with those feelings.  Let them in.  Cry or get angry if you have to.  But, then re-group and  remember your light.  You are someone's child.  Parent.  Grandparent.  Aunt or Uncle. Brother or Sister.  Friend.  YOU ARE LOVED!  You WILL get through this, I PROMISE!  My wish for you is that you'll realize you're never alone.  You are a bright light that needs to keep on shining.  Love you ...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Worst of Times ...

I've said this before but it is always good to be reminded of this notion.  I know that everything I've been through has been a lesson learned.  A leap of faith.  A chance to grow.  More strength or knowledge to gain.  Once we learn to master this thinking, it'll enable us to live our authentic lives.  Cancer is not the end all.  It can be the beginning if you listen to your thoughts and your heart. 
That is my wish for you!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flow -

Like a gentle stream, let your thoughts and feelings flow.  Take some time to process them.  Hold onto the ones that are meaningful and will help you.  Release those that do not serve your higher purpose.

Let go and stay centered in the knowingness that you are exactly where you need to be.  You are safe.  You are loved.  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prayer Request ...

I am asking my readers to please send out some prayers for Danna today.  She is newly diagnosed with Lymphoma, is going for a second opinion today and will start chemo soon.  Danna is a loving, bubbly and positive light in so many other's lives in her role as a nurse.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the right doctors and medical treatments that she needs to assist in her healing. 
Danna, we're sending you lots of love & light today!

The Gift of Life -

One thing that has disturbed me since my diagnosis is the fact that I can no longer be an organ donor.  I know it sounds morbid, but it was something that I always wanted to do.  I have one friend who had a liver transplant back in the 80's who has lived a full life ever since.  Author Steven Kerry Brown, another friend of mine,  had an aggressive leukemia, underwent a bone marrow transplant in June and started a blog.
You can read about his journey at . 
 He is the bravest person I know! 
Even though my blood and organs are considered unacceptable, I will still be an advocate for organ and bone marrow donations.  If you'd like to find out more about becoming a donor, please visit
Become an organ or bone marrow donor today -
you'll help to save many lives!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chances ...

The dawn of each day brings us many possibilities!  I am blessed to have my friends and faithful readers who have helped me stay on my path.  As you know, things do not always go as "planned."  I write about this in my book.  But, I will tell you one thing.  Once I gave up my preconceived notions of how my future was going to be, I have allowed myself to be open and ready for the good things that will come to me.  I am so very thankful and blessed to have you along for the ride!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miracles ...

Good Sunday morning to you! Do you believe in miracles?  I do - otherwise I wouldn't be here.  Set aside some time today to sit alone.  Relax.  Breathe.  Take in your surroundings.  Notice the beauty around you.  Listen to your environment.  Your thoughts.  What your soul is saying.  Close your eyes and meditate. Pray.
Be thankful for the miracle of yet another day - 
YOU are a walking, talking, beautiful, breathing miracle! 
Have a peaceful Sunday... 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Be Yourself ...

LOVE this! Try to focus on each one of these statements and then visualize yourself BELIEVING them. Learn to love who you are, flaws and all.  You are one wonderful being who deserves to love YOU!
Have a great day!
P.S.- I am sending out a special hug to my friend, Janice who called me last night to tell me she was leaving to go and do the Light The Night Walk and was thinking about me ... LOVE YOU, GIRLFRIEND!

Friday, November 9, 2012

No One -

One of my favorite quotes is, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." (Eleanor Roosevelt)

After I decided to stop teaching, I went on a massive job hunt.  Teaching was basically all I knew.  I had some office skills.  I am a real "people person" so I looked for jobs that were different but within my "likes."  One day I saw an ad in the classifieds for a Veterinary clinic receptionist so I emailed them.  I love animals and knew I'd be a perfect match.  I received a quick response from the Vet, asking if I could come in for an interview the next day.  At the end of her signature on the email, was MY quote so I took that as a good sign and agreed to meet her at the specified time.

The following day, I got dressed in my finest business attire and drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic, worried that I wouldn't make it in time.  Let me stop here to tell you more details - it was in the middle of a south Florida summer.  Ninety-nine degrees.  My car was a 1986 Lincoln Town Car.  Crushed velvet seats.  No A / C.  And, the only power window that went down was on the driver's side and it only went down half way.  I ended up arriving for my interview 15 minutes ahead of schedule and not wanting to look like a complete doofus, I waited in my car.

I leafed through my resume.  Tried to collect my thoughts.  Then beads of sweat began to fall from my face.  I grabbed the old purse that I hadn't used in years to find a tissue to blot my sweat.  OMG!  Old nail files. Old chewing gum.  Three tubes of lipstick, but not one freakin' tissue in sight!  I was frantic - there was no way I could go in there looking like a dripping mess.  I reached my hand back into my purse and, VOILA!  I found one lone, still-wrapped-in-plastic maxi pad!  Suddenly I became the female McGuyver and blotted all of my "mistiness" away.  In a flash, I was looking fresh and clean.

The Vet was over thirty minutes late due to an emergency and she was not what I had expected.  She was as short as me.  Russian accent.  And did not have a good bedside manner, for humans let alone pets.  It was apparent that she didn't have respect for her staff and when she offered me eight dollars an hour, I about fell off my chair.  When I told her that salary was not what I was searching for, she berated me by asking what I expected since I was inexperienced. I thanked her for her time and left. I walked back to my clunker, blotted my brow with my pad and chalked it all up to a bad experience. Eleanor was right.

So, don't EVER allow someone to mistreat you.  Don't feel as if you are "trapped" in a job or situation where others are not on the same page as you.  YOU are the most important person and need to be treated as such!  Walk away and step into a better life ...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surround Yourself -

You do the same!  Gather your team of Angels and feel the strength in numbers!  No time for stress - create a drama-free zone -  life is too precious!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Have you ever sat in total silence?  I mean, really sat in silence with your own thoughts.   No distractions?  If not, you may be missing out on something good. 
I'm a morning person.  Up most days between 4 - 5 a.m. seven days a week, no alarm.  I've tried to stay in bed, but the early dawn calls to me and I must answer.  I have been this way all  my life.  Wide awake, energized and ready to start my day like Little Miss Sunshine. Sometimes I wish I was a "normal" person who could sleep in.  Sleeping in for me is 7:00 ... that is on very rare occasions.  But, the stillness of the mornng beckons me to the computer.  Tempts me like a lover to write.  To create.  To stay focused on my goals.  I enjoy the stillness of dawn.  I feel closest to Spirit and I listen to what it says. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Be Positive ...

This, I know is true!  Ever had times where you "wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"  You desperately need a cup of coffee but discover that you are all out.  You go to take a shower and forgot to bring a towel with you from the dryer, so you run dripping wet, bare-ass naked, slip on the floor and almost fall.  As you are getting dressed, you snag a hole in your pantyhose.  On the way to work, you get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, which makes you 35 minutes late for a meeting.  After the meeting, your boss reams you out ... and the saga continues!  You may even catch yourself saying, "What next?"

WHOA! Thems fighting words to the Universe! 

I learned this the hard way.  At least until I was well into my thirties!  Then I discovered that if I ignored my stinkin' thinkin',  didn't dwell on a challenging situation and give it the power as I did before, things no longer spiraled out of control.  Every bad thought has a chance to be changed into something positive.  Once you understand the law of attraction, you will also be a much happier camper!  PROMISE!

Monday, November 5, 2012

You Are -

"Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my Mama said ..."
There are going to be days when you will be tested to your very core.  You may wonder if you can keep going.  Will you ever see a light at the end of the tunnel?  On a day like this, someone once told me that I was their reason to smile.  It was one of my darkest days, and yet that one simple sentence brightened my mood.  The coolest thing was, this was said over the telephone so they had no way of knowing what a crappy day I was having ... or did they?!
So, when you're feeling blue, remember, YOU are some body's reason to smile!           

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remember to ...

What a great catch phrase!  Once you've practiced finding things in your day that bring you joy, you'll find even more in your life.  You are a living, breathing miracle and you are loved!  Go out and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Secret -

This statement is so true.  Worry, stress and strife are counterproductive to your healing!  COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

Forgiveness is a good first step to letting go of the past.  Some people think that forgiveness means that they have to rekindle or carry on a relationship with those who have wronged you.  But, no!  Forgiveness means not holding onto any of those hurts anymore.  Once you are able to release and let go of any negativity and old scar tissue, you are already on the path to wellness.  A big lesson that I learned was that it is not "us," it is THEM!  This is the path they chose - to hurt others, to be mean, selfish and insensitive.  You don't have to hold onto their wrongdoings any more!  It is time to forgive and move on to bigger and better things ... I did!

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Prayer For You ...

The power of prayer is amazing!  When I got sick, I had alot of people praying for me. Knowing that there were so many others out there in the universe, whether I personally knew them or not, who were focused on my health, and well-being, touched me deeply.  It gave ME strength to continue.  Taught me how to be humble and lose the pride.  It allowed me be on the receiving end for once. 
I spoke with a dear friend, Ron the other day to play "catch up."  He and his wife, Sandra are the most wonderful couple and, even better, friends to me.  The last time we talked was before I moved.  He was  happy to hear from me and reminded me that Sandra has "pwerful prayers."  Ron and Sandra own and operate a very successful promotional / marketing business.  They are the type of people who, when you first meet them, you know that you're already "family."  I discussed my up-and-coming-book and he gave me some valuable tips which I will definately use.
My friends were there when I needed them the most and they loved and supported me and lifted me up in prayer. And that is what I will do for you ... keep you white lighted and in my thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

An After Halloween Revelation -

Had a blast last night!  I made a big pot of home made (from scratch) black beans, Ropa Vieja and yellow rice for dinner.  Kathleen came over to join me for a pre-trick-or-treating meal. 

Rose is not one to want to wear costumes.  I discovered that last year when I bought her a Bumble Bee costume and she absolutely hated it.  My dear friend, Judith, a retired therapist reminded me, "Now, Jodi. That is because she knows that dogs are not supposed to wear clothes."

This year, Kathleen brought her dog's old chicken / rooster costume for Rose to try on.  The picture above is the first shot. She was not a happy camper. She was frozen in place!  I kept taking a few pictures and Kathleen and I tried to coax her to move but she just sat there and wouldn't move a muscle.  No baby talk. No offer of treats.  Nothing would coax my girl off of that chaise!

She was not havin' it!  Then, I heard my neighbor, Bubba outside and told Kathleen that would be the REAL trick!  She loves Bubba!  So, I snapped her leash on her and she slowly walked to the door and then froze in the middle of the stoop.  Of course, Bubba and his wife, Brittany loved her and tried their best to get her to move, but Rose was a frozen chicken.

She sat outside with us while we handed out candy to the kids, and, although she enjoyed seeing other dogs wearing their Halloween finest, she didn't want to be a part of it.

Once I removed her costume, she was back to her normal self.  When I got into bed, I did my meditation and prayers.  Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me!  I was alot like Rose before cancer.  I, too, was a frozen chicken!  Scared of the unknowns.  Frozen by fear of failure.  But, once I shed my "costume of fear," everything started falling into place.

Although I cannot promise there will be no other costumes for Rose in the future,  I can promise that I will continue affirming that everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned and wonderful experiences that are yet to be!  Thank you, Rose for reminding me of this!

P.S. - For my costume, I wore scrubs and a stethoscope and thought I was a nurse, until one of the kids came up to get their candy and announced, "Oh, cool!  You're a doctor!" Leave it to a little one to raise up the vibrational level ... out of the mouths of babes!  "Why, YES! I AM a doctor!"