Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seven Lovely Logics ...


I had to share this with you!  Prior to the "L-Word", I was a control freak.  A chronic worrier.  Big-time people-pleaser.  Ass kisser.  Gotta-do it-or-have it-NOW freak!  WOW!  It's so funny what a difference two years makes!  I've come a LOOOOOONG way, Baby! Whoo-hoo!
Learning to relinquish all of the bad traits that I listed above was no easy task and I still backslide from time-to-time, but I no longer sweat the small stuff!  The only person I have to worry about is ME!  I try my best to stay on the path to wellness and to not stress out as much as I once did.  If I follow the Seven Lovely Logics, I find that I'm a much happier person!

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