Friday, October 26, 2012

Me & My Girl ...

You've seen this girl in one of my earlier blog posts in September, but I had to write about her today as it is our official second anniversary of finding each other!

 Rose is the sweetest little girl and she keeps me laughing ... she can jump from the couch and catch a ball or toy in mid-air while doing a back flip, but toss a piece of popcorn to her and it boinks her in the head!  She loves life and has taught me how to slow down and be more observant.
I have a paw print magnet on the back of my car that reads, "Who rescued who?" Rose rescued me ... she is my Angel puppy!
You'll get to read all about her antics in my book, Living La Vida (Lymphoma).


  1. Happy Anniversary, Jodi!! I certainly understand the strong and special bond between a human and their furry little best friend. :)