Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lymphoma Survivor, Dolphin Trainer Helps Kids Fight Cancer ...

Isn't Joy Clausen Soto an awesome woman? She has turned her experience with lymphoma into a way to help others. Thanks so much, Joy for all that you do!  What a great story!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dolphins!  Many years ago, I worked as a summer camp counselor. One afternoon, we visited a marine life center.  In one part of the park, there was a raised pool which allowed visitors to interact with two dolphins. Trainers let the children take turns feeding them fish. I fell in love with the interaction between these awesome creatures. At one point, I noticed that the dolphins would congregate on one side of the pool where one of my favorite summer campers, Chuck was standing. The dolphins swam around the perimeter of the pool, but it appeared that once they got to Chuck, they'd stop and stick their heads out of the water to let him touch them ... I was jealous - I wanted to pet a dolphin, too! I made my way over to where he stood and asked him why he thought they were coming to him. Chuck leaned forward to let me in on his little secret. "I know that dolphins are attracted to sonar, so I set the timer on my waterproof watch and then stick it under the water and they come to me when it goes off. Would you like to hug a dolphin, Miss Jodi?" Would I?! Well, Chuck set his timer and a dolphin swam right up to me and stayed upright enough for me to lean over and hug it. As soon as I looked into those eyes and felt it's wet skin, I had an out-of-body experience that I cannot explain. It was as if I could see it's intelligence and "knowing" far greater than I will ever see again. The hug lasted about a minute and it was the best hug EVER! I was elated and I turned to see good ol' Chuck grinning at me from ear-to-ear. I complimented him on his intelligence and he replied, "Well, you know, Miss Jodi, I AM going to be a rocket scientist and work for N.A.S.A. someday!" Out of the mouths of babes ... thanks, Chuck - wherever you are!

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