Monday, October 22, 2012

Laughter IS the BEST Medicine!

It's hard having to deal with health issues. But, just like forgetting how wonderful you are, you also may have forgotten how to laugh. That's right! I said the L word!

In order to pick myself back up again, I made it my mission to at least find something to laugh about each and every day. If you look closely, you can find humor in anything ... become a people watcher.  Go to the mall, the beach or some other public place, sit down and let the show begin! I betcha you'll find something to laugh about in no time at all.

 If people watching isn't your bag, rent a comedy or go to a comedy club. YOU NEED TO LAUGH! Although you are going through a bunch of crapola right now, you still have to live! Laughter IS the BEST medicine!

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