Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kathleen - My Favorite Witchy Poo!

Autumn 1982. That's where it all began.  The friendship between two kindred spirits. I landed my first job in early childhood education.  I was hired to be the teacher's assistant in a classroom for three year olds.  I remember being escorted to the room by the director. Children were playing and as soon as I was introduced to her, I felt an instant spark.  We began to chat, and discovered we had so much in common, it was uncanny.  We were like two peas-in-a-pod!  You'll learn more about Kathleen in my book, but she is my soul sister, for sure.

She moved away about two years after our first meeting, however, we remained close. You know that your best friend IS your best friend when you're able to pick up the phone and continue the conversation you'd left off with no matter how long it has been.  We've been there through good times and bad, and, we've led parallel lives - often at the same time of each other.

Like me, Kathleen loves Autumn.  We get energized with the season.  Her house is always decked out in style - soooo boosky and inviting!.

So, on one of our favorite holidays, I want to wish my favorite Witchy Poo, Kathleen, a wonderful day! Love ya, Girl!

And, Happy Halloween to all my little pretties! Don't eat too much candy!

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