Friday, October 19, 2012

It's In Your Hands ...

When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you know first-hand that every day is like a poker game.  One day you may wake up feeling like you should fold, and the next day you want to up the ante.  So it goes with "normal" life as well, but, coupled with being ill, everything is magnified.

When I saw this saying, I knew it to be true.  Sure, we got a raw deal with cancer, but it is up to US to choose how we want to play our cards.  I've had plenty of solo pity parties on this journey, but I try my best to keep the faith and remain an active player.  (An active player in a poker game is someone who has not yet folded his / her hand.) If you intend to remain active in the hand, be sure to protect your cards.  In the end, you will come out a winner, too!

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