Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you believe in magic?

I LOVE wildflowers! I grew up in upstate New York and spent  my summers at my grandparent's cabin on Lake Champlain in the Adirondaks. To me, that's my favorite place to be.  It's God's country.  I was your typical flower child, (and still am!) who loved being outdoors -  picking flowers, making daisy chain crowns and necklaces, running, playing, and swimming all day long with my brothers, sister and cousins without a care in the world. This picture brought back memories .... I've used a few Queen Anne's Lace flowers as a magic wand in my time!

As an early childhood educator, I maintained that child-like innocence and, to this day, I've vowed that I will NEVER grow up ... even at the age of fifty! 

One year when I was teaching, I arrived to school on my birthday.  My friends and co-workers, Betty and Lidia secretly had the children make cards and decorations for me, as well as a birthday crown made out of construction paper.  Then, one of "my" kids came up to me and told me to close my eyes. She opened up my hand and placed something in it. When I was permitted to open my eyes again, I found a popscicle stick that had a four inch piece of pink string tied to the end of it. As a teacher or parent, you hope to be able to make correct guesses at times like these, and I'll admit, I was stumped on this one. Before I was forced to ask what it was, this angel child blurted out, "Miss Jodi, it's your very own magic wand!  See! This is how it works ..." and she began to move it over my head, telling me that anything I ever wanted, all I had to do was wave my magic wand and it would appear!  I'll never forget the smile on her face.  She was so proud of her handiwork.  I still have my magic wand and birthday crown tucked away for safe-keeping! 

And YES! I DO believe in magic!

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